Photo by Ardelle Schneider
Hello, my name is Jan Buschmann.
I've been working as a photographer for more than eight years now. But I feel more and more specialiced in videography.
I am very interested in image and light composition. I used to work a lot for technical and industrial customers and love to tell personal stories. Also worked for many artists and institutions, had a few exhibitions, organized festivals and conferences and held some lectures about taking pictures how Google tells you how the world looks like in pictures. I don't see myself as a lone fighter, but much more as a large network.
3M | Devolo | Dressler Group | Continental | Edeka | HIT | Henkel | E.ON | BMW | AC-Schnitzer | Esprit | Vodafone | Schwarzkopf | Syoss | Lausanne University Hospital | Hochschule Düsseldorf | Osram | DEKRA | Nessler-Grünzig | Dyna-Mess | EIPA | Tune It Safe | Aixtron | Babor | Geniatech | Elgato | SpanSet | Stornetic | TSL | Ceratizit | Singapur Airways | TSM | Primus | ProIdee | Fecken-Kirfel | Bündnis 90/Die Grünen | ...

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